Membership Program

We really appreciate returning customer to buy from us, and as our appreciation we provide discount to you as follow:

Total Amount Discount (> Total Amount)
USD 300.00  2% 
USD 350.00  2.5% 
USD 450.00  3% 
USD 600.00  3.5% 
USD 750.00  4% 
USD 1,000.00  5% 
USD 1,500.00  6% 

And also have additional discount for membership program:

Customer Type Purchased History Discount (> Purchased)
Silver  USD 5,000.00  1% 
Gold  USD 10,000.00  1.5% 
Platinum  USD 15,000.00  2% 
Ultra  USD 30,000.00  2.5% 

Your Membership Type will be upgrade into tier like shown above.
If you just sign up, your level are : Casual (no Additional discount will be apply yet).
So the more you purchased with us, your membership will be upgraded automatically, and you will got more discount from us.

Purchase amount is based on the total amount of the product you bought. (Shipping fee not included into the calculation)